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“Meg Brockie (Caitlin Lester-Sams), the strumpet-soubrette, cannot get her man, winning as she is with the audience...Lester-Sams’ Meg, who sings with the heaviest Scottish accent, comes to us in solos, “The Love of My Life” and “My Mother’s Wedding Day.” While these are not the numbers from the show most people remember, Lester-Sams’ saucy persona turns them both into winners.”



- James Mackillop, Syracuse New Times


“Caitlin Lester-Sams plays the incorrigible Meg with terrific energy and obvious relish.  Her two solos, “The Love of My Life” and “My Mother’s Wedding Day”, are gems and she turns in a wonderful, fully formed performance.”


-CNY Theatre News


“One of the funniest characters is milk maid Meg, played by Caitlin Lester-Sams.  Lester-Sams delivers Meg’s charming but desperate, and perhaps a little daft, personality in such a way that you’ve no other option that to love her.”

- Danica Hall, Cortland Standard

"Lester-Sams delighted the opening night audience with two superb extended comic turns, "The Love of My Life" and "My Mother's Wedding Day"

-Neil Novelli,

[Title of Show]

"Lester-Sams sings the lovely "The Way Back to Then," an emotional reflection of Heidi's personal journey. The soprano's broad, powerful range made the number outstanding."


 -John Quinn,  Encore Michigan

They're Playing Our Song

She’s a fine singer, particularly on a stunning rendition of “I Still Believe in Love.” Comic antics? She can do ’em, too. “



  -Paul Lamar, The Daily Gazette

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